Avoid time theft!

Time theft is the unethical practise of not working during paid work time, and thus receiving money for doing nothing. For example, clocking in for somebody else, or takin a longer lunch than you are permitted. 

Don’t underestimate remote working

 More and more workplaces are needing to grapple with the additional needs of remote workers, as that option becomes steadily more popular. Over the last ten years, the number of UK workers moving into remote working positions has increased by almost 250,000 according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS). 

5 modern uses for biometrics

Biometrics are measurements and/or calculations of the human body, used to identify people.

Accurate monitoring of sickness absences is vital in any workplace

Accurate monitoring of sickness absences is vital in any workplace. This means something more trackable than a phone-call, or an email to their line manager.

Having reliable data allows employers to recognise any developing patterns, or unbalanced amounts of sickness absences.