Time and Attendance Southern are leading providers of smart card and biometric systems and software guaranteed to meet your time and attendance requirements.

Our smart card time & attendance technology allows your employees to quickly clock in and out, with the time and attendance software accurately recording attendances. The inbuilt report generator makes it simple to get both real-time and archived information, and hosts a range of output styles to suit your company’s requirements.

Our range of powerful, secure and reliable Time and Attendance Southern Systems are designed to help you cut labour costs and attain a superior level of operational efficiency by automating and simplifying mission critical tasks, such as employee clocking, absence management and payroll processing.

We know that migrating to a new Time and Attendance system requires thorough planning, detailed specifications and a certain degree of flexibility. Due to our extensive industry expertise, we can provide services to the client from the conceptual stage through the implementation and completion of a project. We deliver unparalleled convenience and full compliance with the most stringent quality requirements in European and British standards.

We manufacture, supply and install a range of technologies including:

  • Biometrics
  • Smart Cards
  • Key Fobs

Our unique position within the time and attendance industry enables us to uniquely customise our systems to your requirements and budget, from large, complex, multi-site systems to smaller systems for local businesses. As such, we’re in the best position to offer You the tools You need to make the right business decisions that save your company money and boost your employees’ productivity.

Contact us today to find out how our Time and Attendance Southern systems can enable your business to run more effectively, providing greater productivity and a reduction in manual overheads.

  • Smart Card Time & Attendance
  • Time & Security clocking stations
  • Fingerprint Biometrics
  • Small business to multi-site systems
  • HR and Security Management
  • Integrated Access Control